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Koinchi Koinchi

Aim and Mission

To assist individuals in consistent practice of the martial arts reaching personal levels of achievement and health through
To offer a solid, well-rounded martial arts training.
To develop improved physical conditioning, flexibility and coordination skills.
To provide adults and children a healthy and fun atmosphere to relieve daily stress.
To develop self-confidence through achievement and goal setting.
To develop the self-discipline and concentration skills needed to reach individual goals.
To develop self-respect for ourselves and others.
To develop confidence through the practice of self-defense skills.

The information/content within the pages of the KO-IN-CHI ACADEMY web site is the sole property of KO-IN-CHI ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS(REG:17/86),ALAPPUZHA,KERALA STATE, INDIA affiliated to the World Martial Arts Federation,USA and KOINCHI Shotokan Karete Association. The images and information contained herein may not be reproduced without the express written permission of KO-IN-CHI ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS.

Promoting sports karate among teens and adults, Helping Karatikas to set their goals and reach them, Making state, national and world governments provide for martial arts. Working for upbringing the poor people in sports karate, Teach to protect life and provide for it in its quest, Preparing grounds/infrastructure for their fulfillment.