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Koinchi Koinchi

Grand Master

Grand Master VZ Sebastian 7th Dan (Asian Director WMAF,USA)
(Founder and Benefactor of Koinchi)
Born in the heart of Alappuzha, known as the Venice of East, a small but beautiful district of Kerala, the God’s own land.
After matriculation, our master straightaway went to Sensei Kuppuswamy in 1976 for formal training in Martial Arts (Shorin Ryu). Learning Martial Arts was a distant dream for many in those days, for, earning livelihood stood in the way. Further, conservative families (which one he belonged to) did not welcome an unprofitable pursuit. Overcoming the odds, he continued training and practising.
7th Dan from Danny Lane’s World Martial Arts Federation, USA, 2010.
5th Dan from ISSKA-Japan Shotokan Karate Association, 2006.
5th Dan from Danny Lane’s World Martial Arts Federation, USA, 1999.
4th Dan from All India Karate Federation
4th Dan from International Karate Academy, Malaysia, 1992.
3rd Dan from Okinawa Martial Arts Academy, India, 1987.
2nd Dan from Okinawa Martial Arts Academy, India, 1985.
1st Dan from Ashihara International Full Contact Karate, Japan, 1989.
1st Dan from Shotokan Karate, Sri Lanka, 1983.

A Runner up in Indo-Srilanka open karate tournament 1983 by the Academy of Oriental Martial Arts. Sparsely exposed to the tournament, it was no mean achievement.
Barely seven months later (October 1983), our Master emerged as the Grand Champion in All India Karate Tournament by Yokokan Karate International.
Next year saw him as the Black Belt Grand Champion in Shotokan Karate International Tournament, 1984.
Meanwhile, he formally received training and proficiency in different styles/schools of martial arts: SHORIN RYU, BODOKAN, JUDO, TAEKWONDO and KALARIPPAYATTU.
Kalarippayattu is the traditional martial art of Kerala. History says that an Indian Buddhist monk, skilled in Kalarippayattu, reached China and taught his disciples this form of fighting for their self defense. In course of time, this art of self defense spread to the neighbouring regions and diversified into other/their styles.
Our Master’s vision was to fuse all styles of Martial Arts into one. A unique style evolved and it was named KO-IN-CHI (1985) and an Academy was established in its name (1986).
In 1989, Ashihara International Full Contact Karate, Japan awarded him Black Belt (First in Kerala).
Shihan V.Z Sebastian is the first Indian recipient of 7th Dan Black Belt from Danny Lane’s World Martial Arts Federation, USA.
He is also the chief instructor and director of training and certification in all over india and the asian continent for WMAF
He is the vice-president of Kerala Karate Association and also the secretary of Alappuzha District Karate Association.
The famous PT.Chacko Foundation Award was conferred on him in December 2009 for his lifetime achievements in the field of karate and martial arts.
Hall of Honor Award from Action Martial Arts Magazine,USA in January 2011.