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Koinchi Koinchi

Welcome To Ko-in-chi academy

KO-IN-CHI ACADEMY is a certified studio of the World Martial Arts Federation, USA and KO-IN-CHI Shotokan Karate Association. We instruct men, women and children, 4 years of age and up. At our dojo you will learn all the details of the physics, physiology, and mental attitudes necessary to be very effective in your self-protection. You will also improve your physical condition, strength, and confidence. When followed properly, karate-do training transcends into your daily life and results in a more centered.

Promoting sports karate among teens and adults, Helping Karatikas to set their goals and reach them, Making state, national and world governments provide for martial arts. Working for upbringing the poor people in sports karate, Teach to protect life and provide for it in its quest, Preparing grounds/infrastructure for their fulfillment.