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Koinchi Koinchi

KO-IN-CHI Academy

Which style is better? Greater? Many futile arguments! Goal and spirit of all styles is one and the same. Understanding this requires deep knowledge and wisdom in what one learns.

KO-IN-CHI ACADEMY is a certified studio of the World Martial Arts Federation, USA and KOINCHI Shotokan Karate Association. We instruct men, women and children, 4 years of age and up. At our dojo you will learn all the details of the physics, physiology, and mental attitudes necessary to be very effective in your self-protection. You will also improve your physical condition, strength, and confidence. When followed properly, karate-do training transcends into your daily life and results in a more centered individual.

Trained more than 10 thousand karatikas across the world.
Awarded more than 175 Black Belts strictly on the basis of their proficiency and performance.
Helped our students/trainees win state and national championships
Established 56 Dojos across the world
Popularized martial arts and sports karate by means of print, electric and local/vocal media
Organized our so far disoriented karatikas under one umbrella – irrespective of their styles/schools
Helped Nirmal V Sebastian become the World’s youngest Black Belt at the age of 6 in 1998 from Danny Lane’s World Martial Arts Federation, USA
Trained Adeep Muhammed to become the World’s youngest Black Belt at the age of 5 in 2006 from Ko-In-Chi Academy.
Trained Varsha Vinod to become the World’s youngest girl Black Belt at the age of 5 in 2009 from Ko-In-Chi Academy.